Best macarons Toronto

A Guide To Find The Best Macarons in Toronto

If you love macarons, you're not alone. These sweet, delicate, and flavourful confections have been around for centuries, but they only recently became popular in North America. Toronto is no exception, with plenty of places to get your macaron fix. But with so many options, it can be tough to decide where to go. Luckily, Daan Go Cake Lab has the perfect solution: Character Macarons in the GTA. For something a little out of the ordinary, you can even create your own Custom Macarons. The possibilities are endless, from wedding favours to gender reveal macarons, or even corporate events. These are also a great addition to any birthday party, and are especially a hit for children’s birthday sweets. Add fun characters to your gathering today! 

How can we identify high-quality macarons? Here is a handy guide to help you: Firstly, the shell of a high-quality macaron should be smooth and glossy, with no cracks or crumbs. The feet (the ruffled edge that forms as the macaron bakes) should be nicely defined, and the overall cookie should be uniform in size and shape. The macaron shell should not be hollow. When you bite into a good macaron, the texture of the shell should be crispy with a light, slightly chewy interior. Finally, the filling should be creamy and not too sweet, while the overall flavour should be well-balanced. With these criteria in mind, you're sure to find the perfect macaron, and this is what Daan Go strives for in each and every one of our hand-made macarons. Visit to see our signature macarons! 

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