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Mont Blanc (Slice)

Mont Blanc (Slice)

Daan Go Cake Lab
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A classic, reimagined. We took all the nutty goodness that you love about the Mont Blanc — the airy chestnut cream, and the chunky chestnut jam — and highlighted it with a light vanilla Chantilly, a splash of coffee for extra depth, and a yuzu marmalade glaze for a whimsical touch.


  • Roasted chestnut cream
  • Yuzu marmalade
  • Vanilla chiffon
  • Vanilla bean Chantilly

Ingredients: graham crackers, feuilletine, white chocolate, oil, oranges, yuzu, sugar, salt, cream, milk powder, vanilla, coffee, chestnuts, dark rum, dark chocolate, crisp pearls, chiffon (flour, sugar, milk, eggs, oil)