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3:15 (Slice)

3:15 (Slice)

Daan Go Cake Lab
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Enjoy the comfort of the Hong Kong tea house with our most beloved cake, the 3:15. Featuring our famous mousse made from traditional Hong Kong milk tea and a “pineapple bun” crumb crunch base made with our favourite malt drink, Ovaltine. The 3:15 is here to satisfy your sweet tooth and your soul.


  • Hong Kong milk tea mousse

  • Vietnamese coffee crémeux

  • Ovaltine “pineapple bun” crumb crunch

  • Vanilla chiffon

Ingredients: tea blend, butter, icing sugar, white chocolate, feuilletine, malt, milk powder, white milk tea powder, cream, gelatin, coffee, coffee extract, cremyvit, evaporated milk, chiffon (flour, sugar, milk, eggs, oil)