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Cookie Ice Cream Bar

Cookie Ice Cream Bar

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Try our indulgent ice cream bar: Biscoff Cookie Butter Mousse with a creamy Vanilla Namelaka centre and Chocolate Chip inspired Dacquoise--all finished in an Almond & Hazelnut Chocolate Dip.


  • Biscoff Cookie Butter Mousse
  • Vanilla Namelaka
  • Chocolate Chip Dacquoise
  • Almond & Hazelnut Chocolate Dip

NUT ALLERGY: almond, hazelnut


flour, glucose, sugar (white, brown, icing), almonds, cocoa powder, salt, butter, chocolate (white, milk, dark), milk powder, milk, cream, vanilla, xanthan gum, lotus biscoff spread, gelatin, hazelnut

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Best served within two months of purchase. Keep frozen.

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