Custom Macarons

custom mac


Round Macarons:

Minimum Order  Price per piece
18+ pcs


50+ pcs $2.75
100+ pcs $2.50
200+ pcs $2.25

Choose 1 colour/flavour per 50 macarons (e.g. 100 pcs order allows for up to 2 colours/flavours) OR add $15 per additional flavour

Round Macarons + Edible Imaging: 

Price per Macaron

Price per (additional) Image

*see pricing above, +$0.50/macaron

$3.00 (one-time fee)

1.75” circular, high quality, digital image(s) must be provided to us


Round Macarons + Stenciling:

Price per Macaron

Stencil per Design

*see pricing above, +$0.25/macaron


Custom Character Macarons

Minimum Order

Price per Piece

18+ pcs


50+ pcs


100+ pcs


Choose up to 3 x designs and 3 x flavours

6+ pcs (1 design/flavour) are $6 per piece


  • Gold: splatter / brush stroke / flakes: $0.10 / $0.15 / $0.25 (per piece, respectively)
  • Hand-written word: from $0.50/pc
  • Fondant pieces (e.g. Double Happiness macarons) starting from $0.75/pc
  • Favour boxes (clear vinyl, 2x2x2”, can hold up to 2 macarons) $0.65/pc
  • Favour boxes (clear vinyl, 2x2x1”, can hold up to 1 macaron) $0.50/pc
  • Chinese take-out boxes, can hold up to 5 macarons $0.50/pc
  • Individually sealed poly bags $0.40/pc

*1-2 weeks advance notice required; full payment must be received at least 5 days before due date to confirm order.

*All macarons contain almond flour, and are gluten-free. Potential traces of Hazelnut and Pistachio. No peanuts, but trace-free is not guaranteed. If you are interested, please fill out our contact form.