Daan Go Rewards

Sign up with your email to start earning points on ALL your purchases! Your account is linked through your email once registered. Don't forget to ask us in store to add to your account!

How it works


Sign up or log in to start earning straight away.


Automatically collect points with every purchase.


Redeem your points for discount codes.

Earn points for every order placed

The more you spend, the more you save.

Redeem points for rewards

Redeem points on your next purchase, or save them up for higher value rewards.

Rewards FAQs

How do I sign up for your Rewards Program?

You can sign up for our rewards program by visiting here and creating an account. Once you create an account, you will automatically be enrolled in our rewards program. For all online purchases (regardless if you sign up for an account), all points will be linked to your email used at checkout. You can also ask us to sign you up in-store!

How can I earn points?

Currently you can earn points by signing up for our rewards program and: placing an order (online or in-store—delivery apps e.g. UberEATS, etc. are excluded), sharing us on social media, or adding your birthday to your account (make sure you do this at least one month in advance—otherwise you will have to wait until next year).

How does the referral program work?

Share your referral link with a friend, and both of you can get a $5 credit. This is rewarded once your friend makes their first order ($50 minimum purchase).

How can I redeem rewards?

You can redeem rewards by logging into your account and selecting the reward you want to redeem. This will generate a discount code that can be used in a future date.

Can I cancel my redemption?

If you've mistakenly selected "redeem", please contact us with the discount code and we can help you refund the points.

Do points expire?

Currently they do not.

Can I transfer points to another account?

For sure! Just let us know both emails involved in this transfer. Unfortunately, points are not connected between Toronto and Vancouver stores, however, please let us know if you need to transfer points between locations.

I received an email regarding points collected, but don't seem to have an account set up--how can I claim them?

By default, points are collected on all online purchases. These are associated with the email you use to check out. In order to claim these points, simply contact our support email and we can help you activate your account.

For in-store purchases, please let our staff know your email to register/collect points. To claim previous rewards, please let us know your order number, receipt, or additional details we may require, within 30 days of your purchase.

How does the birthday reward work?

Anyone with a rewards account can add their birthday to earn Daan Go Rewards! You’d just need to log into the Rewards panel> Ways to earn > Celebrate a birthday > Edit Date.

Note: Let us know at least one month in advance otherwise, you'll have to wait until next year.

Can I save the remaining balance of my discount?

Unfortunately discount codes do not have a balance (unlike gift cards)--they must be used up in one transaction.