All your most frequently asked questions are answered below.

Daily Operations

Are your phone lines in service?

Yes they are! Often, our staff may be occupied with a customer already, or are on the phone with another customer. However, we do our best to answer incoming calls!

Do I need to line up to pick up my order?

We try our best to serve our customers as quickly as possible. Sometimes we may have limited staff or experience a sudden rush, so we kindly ask customers to wait in line as many of our orders come from online purchases as well. We greatly appreciate your patience :)  

Are you open on holidays?

We are open 365 days of the year at regular hours (unless specified otherwise).

Do you offer a rewards program?

Yes we do! You can find more information here.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes we do! For more details, please see our E-gift cards and our Physical gift cards.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Can you make your cakes less sweet, or alter the recipe for various dietary restrictions?

Most of our cakes are made with minimal added sugar (while maintaining flavour). Unfortunately, they are made in large batches and it would not possible to change the sweetness (or recipe) for any single cake. However, we can recommend a selection of cakes you may like, based on your preferences. Just send us an email or give us a call! 

What are your Nut-Free options?

Most of our whole cakes are nut-free except: Peach Garden (almond), Mont Blanc (chestnut), Hot Pot (almond) and Celebration Pig (almond). The rest of our whole cakes do not use nuts inside the cake, but may have macaron decorations on top (all our macarons contain almonds). However, we can have the macaron decorations excluded or packed separately.

For a more detailed list, please see the ingredients list within each product page.

Last updated: Nov 17, 2023

Are these products good for someone who is pregnant?

Best to consult a health practitioner. All our eggs are pasteurized, and whole cakes containing (limited amounts of) alcohol are: Tiramisu, and Mont Blanc.

For a more detailed list, please see the ingredients list within each product page.

What type of gelatin do you use in your products?

For all our products that contain gelatin, they are a mix of both beef and pork gelatin.

Do you offer gelatin-free products?

Currently, only our Macarons and Ice Creams do not contain gelatin.

Do your products contain peanuts?

Our Tong Yuen Cookie is the only product that contains peanuts.

Do you offer any dairy-free products?

Currently, the only dairy-free products we have are our Black Sesame Ice Cream, Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream, and Taro Coconut Ice Cream.

Do you offer gluten-free products?

Yes, all of our Macarons are gluten-free. All of our cakes contain wheat flour (gluten).

Do you offer egg-free products?

Unfortunately, all our cakes contain eggs.


How much does it cost to deliver?

Delivery fees are calculated upon checkout (after entering in your shipping address). 

What would happen if the recipient is not home?

Please ensure that the recipient is able to accept the package within the delivery window. If the driver is unable to reach the recipient, they will leave the package in front of the door (if accessible), and we are not responsible for products that are left unattended. Sometimes the concierge will not let drivers take the package up, please understand the delivery protocol of the building prior to the delivery day. If a driver needs to re-deliver, additional charges may apply. Please know that in some special circumstances such as snow storm, traffic accidents, etc., delay may occur on rare occasions.

How do I change my pick-up order to delivery instead?

Please fill out our contact form and include the following details: recipient name, phone number, full address (including buzz code/unit number if applicable), and we will get back to you with a quote. Minimum 24hrs notice is required.

Where do you offer delivery to?

We deliver to most areas in the GTA. You can check with the postal code validator widget on our homepage to see whether or not we deliver to your location. We apologize for the inconvenience if we do not deliver to your area.

How come I cannot select a specific delivery date?

Currently, we only offer a 30 day delivery window--orders must be placed within 30 days of delivery. In the case of designer products, sometimes we are fully booked and cannot accept more orders on certain days. Some fragile/temperature sensitive items may also be unavailable for delivery.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes we do! You can find us on: F.O.D., Fantuan, DoorDash, UberEats, SkipTheDishes, or Otter Direct Order. Some restrictions apply.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

Walk-ins are available everyday, but 1-2 days pre-order is highly recommended. Please call the store and check for availability on same-day orders. For Custom orders, more time is required: Custom macarons (10 days), wedding cakes (4 weeks), Designer cakes (5 days), and Designer macarons (7 days).

Are you able to deliver at a specific time?

As we are using a third party delivery service, we unfortunately are not able to guarantee products to be delivered by a specified time.  Please see the available delivery windows upon checkout.  

Do you ship your products to other provinces or to the U.S.?

At the moment, we do not ship our products outside of the listed regions (see above). However, we hope to expand our reach in the near future.


How far in advance do I need to place an order?

Walk-ins are available everyday, but 1-2 days pre-order is highly recommended. Please call the store and check for availability on same-day orders. 

Are we able to customize Signature Cakes?

Simple customizations would not be a problem (e.g. switching macarons of equivalent value, adding macarons or Mahjong Tiles onto a cake, etc.). Additional costs may be required. Unfortunately we won't be able to change the colour of our signature cakes. 

How fresh are your cakes?

Our cakes are freshly prepared and decorated every morning.

How come sometimes your cakes are frozen? 

The majority of our cakes must first be frozen before removing them from their moulds / cake rings. They are then stored frozen to preserve their freshness and only pulled out to be defrosted when required.

Sometimes we may quickly sell out of a cake and have insufficient time to fully defrost another cake (in this case, you will be informed if the cake requires additional defrosting time).

What is the storage life of the cakes?

Our cakes are best eaten within 2-3 days of purchase, and stored in the fridge. They can be kept longer in the freezer.

What is the storage life of the macarons?

Our macarons stay fresh and crisp for the following:

  • 1 day at room temperature
  • 2-3 days in the fridge
  • 1 week in the freezer

Please keep macarons in an airtight container to maintain optimal texture.

Do you offer candles?

Yes, we offer a complimentary candle upon request. We also sell gold candles (box of 6) and numbered candles.


How do I customize my own desserts?

We do not offer custom cakes, but please see our Designer Cakes page for our current offerings. We will continuously add new designs.

Do you have any cakes for the following characters?

Pokemon, Totoro, Hello Kitty, BTS, Peppa, Winnie the Pooh, Paw Patrol--We can do a simple design similar to our Animals Cake (2D face, flat on the top of the cake), additional costs may be required. 

Rewards Program

Can you tell me more?

You can find all the details here.