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Gold Thorn (Slice)

Gold Thorn (Slice)

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For the acquired and the adventurous. With an outer shell made from our delicate durian mousse, filled to the brim with fresh durian purée, cheese cream, and vanilla chiffon, our Gold Thorn is the best way to experience the bold flavour and appearance of the infamous durian fruit.


  • 100% Durian Purée
  • Durian Mousse
  • Vanilla Chiffon
  • Cheese Cream


citric acid, cocoa butter, colour green, cream, cream cheese, cremyvit (emulsifier, potato starch, modified milk ingredients, alginate), durian, eggs, emulsifier, feuilletine, flour, gelatin, graham cracker, inulin, mascarpone, milk, milk chocolate, milk powder, oil (canola), pastry cream, stabilizer, salt, sugar, tapioca starch vanilla, white chocolate

Storage Instructions

Keep refrigerated. Best served within 2-3 days or longer if properly stored in the freezer.

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