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Taro Coconut Ice Cream

Taro Coconut Ice Cream

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We've taken the classic sweet soup dessert and turned it into a frozen treat! Our Taro Coconut Ice Cream contains a delicious combination of coconut milk and taro root. Whether you're enjoying this ice cream as a snack or after dinner dessert, you'll love the sweet and creamy flavor. As an added bonus, this ice cream is also vegan! Sold in half pint (8 oz) and full pint (16 oz) containers.



coconut milk, coconut oil. dextrose, stabilizer, emulsifier, taro, ube extract, maltrodextrin, sorbitol, Vegan Base, Vellutina

Vegan Base: rice powder, alimentary fibres, cocoa butter, stabilizers: E 407 carrageenan, E 410 locust bean gum, E 412 guar gum, vegetable proteins, emulsifier: E 471 mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, flavours.; may contain traces of soy

Vellutina: water, emulsifier: E 471 mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizer: E 420i sorbitol (17%), flavours

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Storage Instructions

Best served within two months of purchase. Keep frozen.

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